Privacy Policy


Last updated: 29th May 2018


General Information

Resort Brokers is committed to handling information of their users responsibly.  This privacy policy outlies the ways in which Resort Brokers collects information on their users and how we use that information.

Definition of User: When referring to ‘User’ in this Policy we are referring to a person who has subscribed to our site via our ‘watch list’ facility or have submitted a confidentiality agreement – registering their interest in a property/business for sale by Resort Brokers.  We do not collect personal data on people who merely visit/look at our site.

Information We Collect

Information the User gives us

The User gives us the following personal data when registering for a watchlist

- First Name

- Last Name

- Email


The User gives us the following personal data when completing a confidentiality agreement

- First Name

- Last Name

- Email address

- Phone Number

- Postal Address


Log data

Resort Brokers records and keeps logs of the users who access a due diligence room, we record the User, the time and date the User downloads a file, what file they have downloaded and their IP address.

Resort Brokers records and keeps logs for our email newsletters, information being who opened our email, who clicked on a link within the email, date and time of those actions and their IP address.

Information collected by third parties

Resort Brokers uses Google Analytics to view how users come to our website, where they come from and their behaviour in their use of our site (pages visited, time spent etc).  Resort Brokers does not keep or record any of this data.


How Resort Brokers Use the Information Collected

If a User has given us personal data via a confidentiality agreement then this personal data is used to contact the person in regards to the property/business they have enquired on and/or to supply that User with information on the property/business they have enquired on.

We automatically subscribe the user to our email property alerts, a fortnightly email that is sent to the User detailing latest sales and listings.  The email has an unsubscribe link the User can use at any time.

The log data we collect for the activity of the due diligence room is to enable Resort Brokers to see which users are serious potential purchasers regarding the property/business and to ensure the user has the information they require.  The data collected also helps us to reassure our clients that their property/business information is only being viewed by the correct people.

The log data we collect on the email newsletters is used to advise our client in our client reports of how many people the email was sent to and how many people opened and/or clicked on a link. 

Personal data is recorded on our database and used as an identification to see if a User is looking at more than one property/business or is already a client of ours – to enable the broker to better service that user.

Users provide their personal data in order to take full advantage of Resort Brokers services.

Overall Resort Brokers uses personal data collected/submitted to better understand our users needs, to enhance our website and users experience of our website.

Information Shared with 3rd Parties


If a user has submitted an online confidentiality agreement – their first and last name (and in some unique cases some contact details) are shared with our client so they have a list of registered buyers for their property/business. The confidentiality agreement on our website is between the User and our Client.

Resort Brokers supplies a third party website with our users email addresses for the intended and sole purpose of joining their email subscriber list industry related weekly email.  This email has a link where Users can unsubscribe.


Safety of Personal Data

Resort Brokers to the best of its ability protects the safety of the personal data collected.  It does this by: having secure login access to the database where personal data is located.  Resort Brokers tracks the logins of its staff and brokers to ensure their given login is not being used by an authorised person.  The site has multiple lock outs during the day so the staff member/broker must re-login with their personal account to access data.


Users Privacy Rights

Citizens of the EEA have the legal right to access, correct and/or delete their personal data as per the GDPR.

In regards to Resort Brokers email newsletters – all Users have the right to unsubscribe via either replying to the email or using the ‘unsubscribe’ link.  If unsubscribed the User will no longer receive emails from Resort Brokers (unless they register their details with us again via a confidentiality agreement) however their email address and other personal data remains on our file.

All Users of Resort Brokers website may contact us on to enquire on what personal data of theirs is held on our system, and/or to request removal of such personal data.